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Bridge Ethiopia Tours


Bridge Ethiopia Tours is a private and an entirely Ethiopian Tour Company, which is established in 2018 with its Head office in Debark, Ethiopia. It is a result of a very professional staff collection with many years experience. We are gladly ready to make your stay in Ethiopia incredible and amazing. You might be able to have a normal and usual tour with anyone. What makes us different is we really would like to let you get know, fill, experience Ethiopia. We are the bridge between you and Ethiopia. In addition to the historical and natural part of the country, we will let you experience the real life of the people, we organize also visiting projects, those gives you more further view of the how people lives in Ethiopia.


Obviously we are 24hs a day available for you in order to make you happy and satisfied. Our staff are born and raised in country, and we know our destination better than anyone. So you will do more than just see a place, you will live it. We will give you an unforgettable experience in Ethiopia. We are sure you will find something you like. So let’s get started


Since our aim is let show you the real image of the fascinating country with its “World´s most welcoming country” ´s people, Semere Ethiopia Tours (SET) offers a real cultural experience for any tourist coming from different angles of the world. From the majestic mountains of Semien those makes Ethiopia to be called “The Roof of Africa” to the lowest point (one of the lowest on earth) Dalol in Danakil depression, from the Dessert part Ogden to the Biosphere reserved region, the so called “the Green Lung of Ethiopia” Kaffa (where Coffee origins), to a glimpse of different kinds of wild creatures at the most renowned national parks, the breathtaking rift valley lakes, as well as so wealthy in history and culture. All of these can be scouted only in the beautiful land of Ethiopia and all these can be really noticed of course only with us.

We tender affordable and attractive Ethiopia tour packages to suit the needs of every tourist.  In order to make your stay comfortable and unforgettable as well as give you memoirs that last a lifetime, we work with different kind of Organization, projects, groups and with the communities. 

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